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Is the ban on gardeners using peat really so unfair?


A vocal minority in my local gardening society think preventing gardeners using peat is outrageous. Is it? . . . → Read More: Is the ban on gardeners using peat really so unfair?

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Why climate change threatens Peru’s poverty reduction mission


As Peru prepares to host the COP summit in 2014, the UNDP is urging the country to focus on sustainability . . . → Read More: Why climate change threatens Peru’s poverty reduction mission

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China eyes Antarctica’s resource bounty


Experts raise concerns over China’s ambitions in mineral-rich continent as Snow Dragon icebreaker embarks . . . → Read More: China eyes Antarctica’s resource bounty

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Climate change to have double impact – study


New research shows traditional IPCC models could be underestimating global warming due to feedbacks . . . → Read More: Climate change to have double impact – study

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5 ways to hack the planet


The astronomer royal believes that geoengineering may now be the only way to tackle global warming. What are the options? . . . → Read More: 5 ways to hack the planet

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CDM Carbon Sink Tree Plantations: Insights into Sustainability Issues

In an interview with, Dr. Blessing J. Karumbidza and Mr. Wally Menne – who recently conducted a study on a CDM tree plantation by a Norwegian company in Tanzania – discuss the sustainability and viability issues of such tree plantations being used as carbon emission offset projects under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol, and their impact on local communities and rural economies.

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CDM Carbon Sink Tree Plantations: A Case Study in Tanzania

This study by Timberwatch, authored by Blessing J. Karumbidza and Wally Menne, documents the tree plantation project at Idete in the Mufindi district of Iringa province in southern Tanzania, and concludes that in an African context, such monoculture tree plantation model is non-sustainable from many points of view, even with market-based mechanisms such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification in place.

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