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Canada Pulls Out of Kyoto Protocol, Threatens to Derail Climate Action

The failure of the global community to bring the US under a legal regime is rubbing hard on the richer nations committed to Kyoto Protocol.

The announcement made by Peter Kent, the Canadian Environment Minister, to formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol comes as a major jolt to the global climate action movement. The timing of the announcement – barely a day after more than 190 nations signed off a deal at Durban – is also puzzling.

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Corporate Culture: Driving the Sustainability Agenda

As leading organizations successfully incorporate sustainability into their business strategies, the message across industry circles is becoming quite clear and stronger – ‘Sustainability’ is going to play a major role for businesses to thrive.

But is it so easy for companies to embed sustainability? What makes it easy or difficult for companies to make this shift? ‘Corporate Culture’ may perhaps be the vital link that can explain why many companies desirous of implementing sustainability strategies are struggling or failing.

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Role of Industry in Sustainable Development – Editor Speak

Our race to attain economic prosperity has perpetuated such strong assumptions that we resist adopting an environment-friendly approach. A look at our past helps us understand the downside to our growth story and why industry should act as a harbinger of change. It is also important to understand that ‘Business-As-Usual’ will not deliver smart solutions needed to avoid devastating climate change.

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