Opinion Survey on Cancun Climate Talks: Findings

Cancun Opinion Survey Findings:

A pre-event opinion survey on Cancun Climate Talks scheduled to start from November 29 was conducted by ThinktoSustain.coma knowledge portal on sustainable development initiatives – last week. The objective of the survey was to gain insights into peoples’ opinions about climate change talks. The survey focused on various dimensions that address the factors influencing the negotiation process and the expectations that people have from Cancun climate talks.

The survey collected opinions from respondents working on or closely related to environmental/climate issues. The respondents were from diverse professional backgrounds – government advisors, scientists, researchers, development professionals, policy experts, administrators, economists, journalists, lawyers, engineers, consultants, campaigners, MBA students, etc. The survey was widely propagated through online media to thousands of environment-concerned individuals. It covered respondents from over 80 countries. ThinktoSustain.com presents here the key findings of this survey.

  • The survey findings strongly indicate that Cancun climate talks would not see a big climate deal.

While there could be many reasons why more than 90% of respondents felt this way, some reasons which strongly emerged are as follows: