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Most Polluted Industrial Clusters of India: A Review

Observations & Conclusion

Major observations from these tables are:

  • It is seen that a high amount of industrial activity is taking place at all these industrial centers. All these twenty sites are hub for a huge number of large-, medium- and small-scale industrial units.
  • The complete listing by CPCB shows that 43 industrial areas/clusters out of the 88 are found to be critically polluted, with respect to one or more environmental components.
  • 32 industrial clusters were found severely polluted.
  • Four sites are harbouring Super Thermal Power Plants – Korba, Talcher, Chandrapur and Singrauli.
  • Air Pollution is more from these units as compared to water and land.

This research report helps in categorizing and prioritizing the industrial clusters in terms of those needing immediate attention, and serves as an early warning tool.

The clusters/areas having aggregate CEPI between 60-70 should be considered as “severely polluted” areas and shall be kept under regular surveillance and pollution control measures should be efficiently implemented.

On the other hand, the clusters/areas with aggregate CEPI scores of 70 and above should be considered “critically polluted” and need further detailed investigations in terms of the extent of damage, followed by formulation of appropriate remedial action plan, which, if implemented effectively, would help in abatement of pollution and also in restoring the environmental quality of these industrial clusters.

Currently, efforts are being made by pollution control agencies of the country to perfect the process of CEPI application to industrial clusters/areas, as there are still some aspects that need to be improved upon.

For complete CPCB Report on Industrial Clusters, check http://cpcb.nic.in/

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