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Top 10 Dirtiest Cities of India

VIII. Saharsa

Saharsa, created on April 1, 1954, is a city in the Indian state of Bihar, located east of Kosi River, and is the eighth-most dirtiest city of India with a score of 19.48. The region has played a major role all through history, right down to India’s freedom movement till the country’s independence.

Annual Floods in Saharsa

Annual Floods in Saharsa
Residents wade through flood water in Saharsa region near river Kosi in north Bihar, India, in 2008.
(Photo Credit: Flickr/anandpathak)

Earlier, Saharsa had no independent status and parts of this region were included in the old districts of Munger & Bhagalpur. The area was subjected to annual floods and inundation by a host of rivers originating from the Himalayas, making the land very fertile for suitable for rice cultivation. However, frequent changes in the course of Kosi and other rivers led to soil erosion. The flooding occurs almost annually, causing a significant loss of life and property and making, poor connectivity, poverty, unemployment and illiteracy major problems in the area.

Saharsa is one of the biggest brick producing hubs in entire Kosi area. Other industries include factories for manufacturing of corn products, jute, soap, chocolate and biscuit.

There is no air or water-ways connectivity to the region, but Train and road connectivity is there, which are often disrupted by floods. Landline telephone services have been augmented by cellular services; the quality deteriorates as one moves away from the city centre. Internet connectivity is still very basic.

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