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Major Environmental Disasters: Year 2011


Environmental catastrophes and the forces of nature they unleash are something to behold, fear and respect. The kind of havoc they cause to the lives of mankind and the planet as a whole are nothing new. But the ferocity, frequency and magnitude of such extreme weather conditions seem to be on an increase since last few decades, and gathering speed by each passing year. Pick up any newspaper any day, and you would find vivid reports of some new event severely ravaging some country.

Major Environmental disasters 2011

While most of these events have not been directly linked to climate change, or considered “human-induced”, the possibility of a linkage hasn’t been ruled out either. These incidents seem just another environmental disaster when seen individually, having local or country-wide consequences, but when one steps back and takes in the big picture, the enormity of it all hits and they appear downright frightening.

We at keep a close watch on all such happenings across the globe. A previous feature by us, “Major Environmental Disasters and Campaigns: Year 2010”, caught the attention and concern of many a reader, and brought to light the significance and urgency of tracking such extreme mood-swings of Mother Nature. The current feature is a follow-up of last year’s feature and is an attempt to keep tabs on environmental incidences of similar extremes from across the globe that have happened since the beginning of this year.

Here, we cover:

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  • Mohit Mishra

    Major Environmental Disasters in Year 2011 are an eye opener. US must get onto its act and Prez Obama participate in Durban climate talks…

    US is already reeling under tornadoes, forest fires and floods….What else do they need to understand?


  • I think the political leaders must bury their insignificant differences and take more action on environmental issues.

  • Bob Marsh

    Climate change can lead to shortage of resources. That is what politicians are waiting for – get an opportunity to nuke the world and see who is more powerful…

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