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Biodiversity: The Lifeline of Sustainable Agriculture– by Dr. Vanaja Ramprasad, Green Foundation

For centuries, farmers and their allies everywhere have maintained the diversity in the fields where the crops and plant breeds continue to co-evolve with their pests, and the environment and the knowledge of how to craft agricultural landscapes has sustained food production across the globe. Tragically, the diversity loss is driven by economic interests where constant effort is being made to distribute what are called the “improved seeds and livestock”, which on closer observation have turned out to be inferior to the local-types, except in ideal conditions.

Most of us hardly know where our food comes from and we take it for granted that these resources will be provided by plant breeders and nursery-men, without realizing that we are in a race against time to make sure that the remaining varieties are not extinct. It was Nikolay Vavilovwho first articulated the concept of loss of agricultural biodiversity through a process then known as ‘genetic erosion’.

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